Diversion Security Upgrades

Fencing upgrades are complete, security cameras are ready to be installed.

This winter (2016) the diversion dam was vandalized. The stainless steel braided cables were cut causing a temporary closure of the canal. Our monitoring system caught this as the water levels dropped, so we were able to fix the situation relatively quickly, however, a shutdown like this poses several risks. The short-term lack of water is an issue, however, during the winter when stagnant water may freeze, this can create long-term shutdowns until thawing can occur. Additionally, the safety of any would-be vandals or trespassers was a concern given the high water flow. To avoid this from happening in the future we have added fencing topped with razor wire around the diversion to discourage trespassing. Additionally, we have installed three security cameras with real-time motion-based alerts and monitoring to discourage trespassing and vandalism. This system should also allow for quicker response times by our employees to fix any problems, and to help keep vandals responsible for any damages.
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