Frequently asked questions

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    How much water is one "share"?
    One share in the North Jordan Irrigation canal is currently equal to 1.72 acre-feet of water. If you were to water for 8 hours per week from April through September this would be the equivalent flow of about 4 garden hoses during that time.
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    I bought a house or property with access to NJI water, do I have a water share?
    NJIC water shares require an active certificate. If you have a certificate from a previous homeowner, contact Ryan Robinson to have any share(s) transferred to your name.
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    Is there a time I should not use canal water?
    Chemical treatments to kill grass occur monthly in the canal, you should not use the water during this time. The water master of your ditch will receive notices of these treatments. To be added to a mailing list for notices, contact Ryan Robinson.
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    Who maintains lateral ditches?
    Users of a lateral ditch maintain their own laterals and take all responsibility and liability for water leaving the main canal. The North Jordan Irrigation Company will maintain weirs on the main canal, however, employees are not allowed to help with lateral ditch systems.
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    There is a canal by me, is it the North Jordan Canal?
    There are three canals that run through Salt Lake County, the Utah Salt Lake Canal, the South Jordan Canal, and the North Jordan Canal. The North Jordan canal map is in our "ABOUT" section.
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