Saddle Bluff Restoration Project

The Saddle Bluff Restoration Project was completed July 2013

  • In response to April 2013 breach, a geotechnical investigation identified areas of the canal embankment containing soils that are susceptible to erosion.
  • The main project goal was to minimize water seepage from the canal in those areas.
  • Piezometers were also installed in the canal embankment, to monitor groundwater levels.
  • Following review of a repair alternatives analysis, Huesker 123012 Canal lining was selected as the preferred alternative to meet the project goals.
  • The Huesker Canal liner is a geosynthetic membrane geocomposite; manufactured using a nonwoven material that is fully adhered to both sides of a polyethylene liner. The joints are glued and tested during installation.
  • A ¼" wire mesh was placed below the liner to prevent possible rodent damage to the liner.
  • Huesker Canal Liner is manufactured specifically for the purpose of reducing canal leakage and has an estimated design life of 20 to 30 years.
  • The project was completed in July 2013, and canal operations resumed in August 2013.
  1. Managing Director
    Installation of the Wire Mesh and Huesker Liner
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  3. Managing Director
    Completed Project
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    Completed Project